Thursday, May 24, 2007

Pearl Jam - Last Kiss (cover by willstaney)

Supposedly one of the saddest songs ever, i dunno, i think it's very upbeat.
I think this guys "rusty" voice fits the song.

Cover by willstaney.


Nine Inch Nails - Hurt (cover by mynameismeghan)

I like that sinister piano sound of the NIN version, i think that's missing somewhat from the johnny cash version.

Cover by mynameismeghan.


Paula Abdul - Straight Up (cover by okaysamurai)

Cool acoustic performance of this song from "american idol" judge Paula Abdul.

Cover by okaysamurai.


Blind Melon - No Rain (cover by scribbletunes)

I've always liked this song by Blind Melon and the late Shannon Hoon.Scribbletunes does a great job covering it.

Cover by scribbletunes.


Stone Temple Pilots - Interstate Love Song (cover by tosaytheleast)

Nirvana, Pearl Jam, alice in chains and soundgarden was probably the 4 most popular of the grunge era, was Stone Temple Pilots number 5? Anyway, this is probably my favorite song of theirs, and nicely performed by "tosaytheleast".

Cover by tosaytheleast.


TLC - Waterfalls (cover by Esmée Denters)

A big hit in the mid nineties, esmee got a great r&b voice, probably one of the better on youtube.

Cover by Esmée Denters.